Logshed Website Redevelopment Update


Firstly, thank you all for bearing with us during this transitional phase of development.

We have been working hard to update the Logshed website. With thousands of listings in place it continues to be a mammoth task!

We have now almost completed the first two phases of migration. You will notice that as of today we have a stunning new home page that is fully mobile responsive. We have also moved over all our directory listings, and almost all of our internal pages.

The third and final phase, which will begin shortly, will see the classifieds section migrated and updated.

Data verification

We are also now in the process of verifying every single entry in our database. Now is a great time to contact us to let us know if you have an updated telephone number, website or logo. Any entries that cannot be verified will be deleted, so please do get in touch on support@logshed.co.uk.

Accounts are temporarily disabled

Regular users will notice that the My Account section has now been removed. We are planning on re-introducing this facility at a future date so that all businesses will be able to manage their own listings, but while the development work is taking place it makes sense to restrict access so that we can better manage and migrate entries. If you need to contact us about your entry, please email us on support@logshed.co.uk.

New pricing

Our new pricing structure is now available on our listings fees page. We have a much simpler set of prices in place, providing clarity for all our users when deciding what services they need.

Future Plans

We will be continuing to work behind the scenes for the first half of 2018. We want Logshed to be the highest quality and most comprehensive directory in the industry, and that takes a great deal of work and attention to detail. We have plans to expand the site content, so we will be sharing news of that when it happens in the latter half of the year.

In the meantime, please continue to use Logshed and do let us know if you have any problems – we are here to provide you with what you need.

Author: Faye

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